• 2236 Rue Quesnel
  • Montreal
  • Canada

Prepare food for your C. elegans to keep it alive and happy!

Unlike you and me the worm and model organism C. elegans feeds directly on bacteria, preferably the microbiologists pet bacteria E. coli. For our community projectthat is about implementing the Raycat solution and building a community worm lab, we need to start with the basics and figure out how to feed our worms!


Learn basic aseptic technique for sterile work in a microbiology lab and how to biohack culture media for microorganisms.

Grow a culture of microorganisms, preferably E. coli, but given the source of our bacteria (snot, spit, mud, etc) probably a mixed culture.

Look at your results through a microscope and be proud of it!

**DISCLAIMER** Keep in mind that this afternoon of fun activities is totally free and does not guarantee any success. Also feel free to bring any knowledge, materials, equipment, consumables, etc. you have lying around and think would be useful. Let’s biohack together!