This post is about a month overdue. Time is flying quickly!


At the end of August, Benjamin, a filmmaker from France, now living in London, came to visit and do some filming. He was on his last stop of a world tour after visiting Paolo Fabbri in Italy and Matt Kielty in NYC.

His project was to create a short documentary film about The Ray Cat Solution for the Pariscience Film Festival.

So, I picked up a Synbiota RDP kit and got a quick bit of red glowing bacteria going. After a couple days of filming, culturing bacteria and little juggling we put together a great bit of science to be added to the documentary, completing the journey from the philosopher to the journalist and the scientist.

Ben's story was really amazing and it was great to hear about Paolo and Matt, and what their impressions were of the project. It turns out Paolo didn't even know about the 99pi episode or that very many people even heard about his idea! Now, we have at least have a first connection between the three of us. As we get closer to rolling out more science/art, we can reach out when we're ready! The stage is set! It is so inspiring to be connected to these people.

Expect more updates soon!

LINK: The Pariscience film festival event is on Saturday, October 3rd at 18h45

LINK: Ben has some other amazing projects that you should check out.

Things have been moving pretty slow in the Ray Cat world since this project started, since I've been mostly focused on Bricobio's internal affairs. But, we're making some great progress on establishing a space and the organization which you'll hear more about soon!

LINK: I leave you for now with an article on glowing turtles that Ben shared with me earlier this week.

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